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Level crossings account for approximately half of the train accident risk on the railway in the UK. Over the past decade Sotera has worked in the UK, Europe and Australia, with regulators, industry bodies, research organisations and operators to devise methods to assess risk and develop strategies to manage it.

This technically challenging area combines  assessment of complex human behaviour issues, engineering design and optimising road and rail performance.

One very recent initiative in the area is the development of the SORAT-LX tool for assessing the risk at level crossing from signals passed at danger.

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Sotera is a leading Safety and Risk Management company.  We specialise in the transport, chemical and oil and gas industries.  Our staff, 'Team Sotera' is a group of dedicated, talented professionals.  We share an unquenchable desire to deliver what clients need, when they need it and to exceed expectations in terms of quality, price and service.

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Whilst Sotera has a strong specialisation for everything connected with railway risk, we work in a range of other industries too.

Sotera undertook the transport risk work for the London Olympics, work with the world’s largest ground engineering company, and have completed safety cases and risk assessments for numerous Oil and Gas projects.

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