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Thank you for wanting to find out a little more about Sotera.

Sotera Risk Solutions Ltd is an independent, specialist risk management consultancy company which aims to provide exceptional services to its clients.

Sotera was established in 2002 by its three founding directors who had key roles for major international consulting firms. We believed that we could deliver a better service through working together and a decade or so later we still believe.

Many of our current clients have been with us from day one and we are honoured to be able to serve them together with our new and emerging client base.

The Directors

Chris Chapman, David Harris and Peter Dray have been providing expert advice and guidance on risk management issues for over 25 years and have worked together for the vast majority of it.

Although renowned for their knowledge of the rail industry the team has considerable experience with onshore/offshore projects, the chemical industry, shipping, roads and telecoms.

The team has developed a range of risk assessment and risk management tools and Key Performance Indicator systems.

In his spare time David is a successful amateur photographer; his photography can be viewed at


  • Sotera aims to set new standards in risk management consultancy, helping its clients to identify cost effective safety and risk solutions.
  • ‘Team Sotera’ comprises dedicated professionals with a wealth of risk management experience. We apply the highest ethics to our work, so you can be sure that we will always provide a considered, objective opinion, which is truly independent.
  • We aim to provide robust solutions and when required we will apply innovative thinking to solve novel, challenging problems.
  • Sotera is committed to continuous improvement in every aspect of their service.

Our Name

Sotera is the Greek goddess for safety and salvation. She is often symbolised as having, in one hand success, and in the other, chance. These are two factors that are often balanced in Risk Management.

She is represented as carrying a cornucopia, containing a profusion of everything that is good. Whilst the staff cannot claim they can achieve acts of divine intervention, hopefully our clients believe otherwise!


Sotera strives to deliver the highest levels of quality though competence, continuous improvement and clear two-way communication with clients.

Sotera prides itself on its:

  • Ethics and principles
  • Personal day to day involvement of key, named individuals
  • Independence
  • Value for money
  • Enthusiasm, dedication and innovation
  • In-depth discipline understanding.

Sotera applies it's quality management system to all projects.

Get in Touch

It is always great to hear from clients, practitioners and people interested in risk modelling and safety and operational performance.

So if you would like a chat over the phone, exchange emails or meet-up over a coffee and cake please get in touch.