An Introduction

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about what is happening at Sotera. In this section we will share details on some of our projects and from time-to-time provide comments and opinions on risk matters in the news.

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*** New Training Service ***

Sotera is pleased to announce the development of a new training service. 

The training services covers the application of the SORAT-LX tool, developed by Sotera.  It is the industry tool for assessing SPAD risk at level crossings.  

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Harmonisation of Safety Standards

System equipment suppliers and risk practitioners will be familiar with the evolving product acceptance and systems assurance requirements over recent years.  The main processes including the EN50126, 8 and 9 route, the ‘Yellow Book’ and more recently the all- encompassing Common Safety Methods for Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSM RA) regulation.  Each of these systems has particular foibles, strengths and weaknesses.  There are also areas of inconsistency. 

As of August 2015, a welcome aspect of harmonisation was introduced by the European Railway Agency (ERA) in the form of an amendment to the CSM RA to include design targets (CSM-DTs).  CSM-DTs introduce acceptance criteria for Class (a) and Class (b) systems that approximate to the familiar Safety Integrity Levels (SIL 4 and SIL 2).  This brings a much needed aspect of harmonisation to the standards.