Irish Rail Network-wide risk model

Sotera developed, with Irish Rail, a location specific risk model covering all assets and activities. Over the past decade, the model has been a key input to developing sound and defensible investment strategies for the railway, based upon a detailed and comprehensive assessment of the risk.

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Key performance indicators

Developing leading indications of safety performance is a way of measuring and monitoring precursors to incidents and accidents. Sotera has developed KPI systems that monitor precursors that are linked to a risk model.

This pioneering work has led to the development of a system to indicate predictive changes to the risk profile, such that areas of high and increasing risk can be identified and interventions applied to manage risk, before an accident occurs.

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SPAD risk at level crossings: SORAT-LX

The majority of the risk at level crossings is connected with the behaviour of level crossing users. One element of the risk that is not connected directly with user behaviour is the risk from a Signal Passed At Danger (SPAD), where the signal protects a level crossing.

Sotera has developed a risk assessment tool for the assessment of SPAD risk and an optioneering framework to consider risk reducing measures to help ensure risk is reduced to an appropriate level by accounting for the features of the signal, crossing operation and a host of local factors.

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Level crossing risk management

Level crossings account for approximately half of the train accident risk on the railway in the UK. Over the past decade Sotera has worked in the UK, Europe and Australia, with regulators, industry bodies, research organisations and operators to devise methods to assess risk and develop strategies to manage it.

This technically challenging area combines assessment of complex human behaviour issues, engineering design and optimising road and rail performance.

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Transport risk for the Olympics

Any major event applies pressure to the local transport network. When London hosted the Olympics, an already frenetic transport system had the added pressure of large numbers of unfamiliar users placing high demands on the system at peak times. High levels of crowding and congestion coupled with unfamiliar users introduced a range of safety risks.

Sotera worked tirelessly with the Olympic Delivery Authority to assess the transport risk on each day for each Olympic venue to ensure contingencies, capacitates and manpower were deployed to meet the demand and manage the risk.

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